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More About Dr. Hilda 

A pioneer, leader and healer in the El Paso-Las Cruces area, Dr. Hilda was the Director of the El Paso Wellness Center from 1983 to 2002 and Director of the El Paso School of Massage from 1986 to 2001. 


Herbal Medicine including Cannabis has been a part of her life since she was a child. Her maternal grandmother taught her the value of herbal medicine, including Cannabis remedies.


Dr Hilda practices and lives by the Hippocratic Oath and upholds the 6 principals of Naturopathic Healing:


  1. Nature has the power to heal

  2. Treat the cause, not the effect

  3. Educate and treat the whole person

  4. First and foremost, DO NO HARM

  5. Encourage Prevention

  6. Act as a TEACHER!

Dr. Chavez educates her patients, other practitioners and the community at large about the value of the three Cannabis Strains : (SATIVA, INDICA, AND RUDERALIS aka HEMP)

In Memorium:

Juana Romero Alcalde, Maternal Grandmother
Connie Kroeger, Junior High School Teacher
Dr. Haldeen Brady, UTEP Professor
Jay Victor Scherer, Naturopath

Jay Victor Scherer's Academy of Natural Healing aka Santa Fe School of Massage
Dr. John Travis
Dr. Ann Wigmore, Naturopath, Hippocrates Health Institute
Hanna Kroeger, RN and Herbalist
William and Doris Fausett, Chiropractors
Leon Halsted, Chiropractor


Annemarie Losinno, Earth Angel
Dr. Elsa La Flamme, Retired Clinical Psychologist
Ida Zollinhofer, Retired Massage Therapist and Teacher

The Dalai Lama
Pope Francis

My patients, who allow me to touch their lives and teach me so much everyday!
My colleagues who support my patients and I!

Frances Glasscock, NP
Drs. Burt and Arthur Berkson, Integrative Specialists
Diane Coker, LPCC
Karla Steen, LPCC
Dr. Laura Gordon, Retired Psychologist





For years, Dr Hilda has educated patients and practitioners about the value of Hemp. In 2014 she petitioned the Governor of NM to pass the hemp bill. Unfortunately, it was vetoed by the Governor.

In 2018, tides turned politically, and the New Mexico State University Board of Regents removed the last barrier to hemp production in the state. The program will be administered by the New Mexico Department of Agriculture (ABQ Journal).

Visit The New Mexico Hemp Association ( for up-to-date information about current hemp production news in New Mexico. 


Hemp has over 50,000 uses and is valued and used all over the world. New Mexico is the perfect state to grow this crop, as the weather is perfect all year long. Hemp would boost the economy of NM and bring much needed jobs to New Mexicans.


Dr Hilda has created her own remedies out of the hemp oil, utilizing the medicinal value of CBD. The Cannabinoid CBD, is non- psychoactive and has been proven to have many curative and medicinal properties. Hemp Oil is legal and has been imported from Canada and other countries for years.


Dr Hilda’s mission, along with other Hemp Advocates in NM, is to grow Hemp and provide education so others can benefit from the diverse uses of this plant.  HEMP IS HARMLESS.


Hemp Advocacy

Mentors and Influences

NMMCP Consulting recommends Hemp Bound, by Doug Fine, for a comprehensive overview of the hemp industry and its potential for economic and societal impact.

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