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Traditional Naturopath

Mindful, Compassionate Patient Care

A traditional Naturopath, Dr. Hilda has 38+ years experience in the field of Natural Medicine as a teacher, advocate and guide. She is also a Sobadora (traditional/spiritual healer) and a Master Massage Therapist and Massage Therapy Instructor.


Healers and doctors are NOT immune to personal health crises and she knows firsthand the challenges with getting proper care and support from the medical community. In 2000, Dr. Hilda experienced her own health crisis and has been on a personal healing journey ever since. Ultimately, in 2007, this journey led her to become a patient and patient advocate in the New Mexico Medical Cannabis Program.


Determined to continue to offer compassionate care and to make a difference to NM Medical Cannabis patients, she educates, guides and facilitates the certification process for patients in collaboration with other cannabis friendly practitioners and the New Mexico Department of Health.


Dr. Hilda provides patient care and integrative services and Naturopathic support through herbal and nutritional consultations as well as other healing practices. In addition she offers educational workshops and classes and is available for phone consultations. She lives in Southern NM and practices in Las Cruces. 




Frances Glasscock, NP

Nurse Practitioner Psychiatrist

“Mindful Compassionate Patient Care for Medical Cannabis Patients in Southern New Mexico”










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